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Family tree - Meaning of Dream

If you dream as if you study your family tree, it foretells that you are going to have troubles at home; you may have some difficulties and will ask someone to help you with it, you will seek for solace and peace in another house; you might even sacrifice your interests and rights.

If genealogical tree in a dream does not look like the tree, because it has no branches, this dream shows that you don’t appreciate friendly affection and do not distinct true friend from false ones. Perhaps with such attitude you deeply hurt the feelings of your folks.

Family tree - is a symbol of high status in society, respect from others and responsibility for actions that may discredit the name of your family. Deformed or unfilled family tree predicts uncertainty in the position, unfulfilled hopes, and collapse of the far-reaching plans.

If you see your family tree, it states that merits of your ancestors will help you to go through life and achieve your goals.

A dream, where you make a family tree, indicates that in reality you are not accustomed to achieve results, and you try to shift it on someone's shoulders. But remember that not everyone wants to help you.

If you see your picture on the family tree, this dream states that you can feel free to manage undertakings, as your affairs will develop, and you will be very pleased with the results.

If your portrait on the family tree was first clearly visible, and then disappeared, then be ready for betrayal of your friends; they are going to turn away from you in a difficult situation.