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Fear - Meaning of Dream

If you feel fear or you experience fear because of something in a dream, it warns that the successful outcome of your future matter is doubtfull, and your expectations are not likely to materialize. A dream, in which a young woman has a feeling of fear, foretells her unrequited love and a big disappointment.

To fear something according to Miller’s dream book means that soon you may lose something or will possibly experience disappointment. If you see other person being afraid of something, then in reality some of misfortunes that happen to people you love will be the sources of your strong emotions.

If you posses fear and can’t continue your undertaking or to have a business trip, this dream foreshadows the upcoming failure.

Vanga explained fear because of a thunder and flashes of lightning, as a sign to change own behavior. Perhaps you perform some wrong actions and now you better think of confession.

To feel fear according to Freud means to dream of a meeting with a new sexual partner. But sometimes fear in the dream indicates the power, which leads you to your permanent partner.

If you are afraid, and you do not realize the reason, it means that you will face losses and affliction in the immediate future.

If you observe somebody else’s fear, it reflect your worry because of your relatives’ troubles.

To have fear because of some animal, means that your fears in real life are absolutely groundless. There is no grounds for anybody to hurt you.

If you are scared to finish any kind of affair, it means that your undertakings will be fruitful, notwithstanding the lack of any support from people you hope for.