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Feast - Meaning of Dream

Success in all spheres of life and happy personal life is the result of a dream about cheerful feast with satisfied guests. If the feast was not pleasant: you ate bad food and talked with grumpy people, this is a herald of long series of failures and disappointments.

According to Miller, if you get ready for the festive feast, it portends a quiet and measured life. You will have financial stability and prosperity.

If you felt anxiety because someone had disturbed your feast, it foretells unexpected problems after awaking.

If you see the table without a tablecloth, and there is a feast taking place, this is a sign of independence and self-sufficiency. If you see the tablecloth, but it is not very clean, in real life you may have different troubles with children or subordinates. Tables without treats predict hard times and poverty. If you missed the feast, it bodes anxious and troublesome times.

If you were the witness of quarrels and scandals during the feast, this dream advises to exercise caution – through a fault of the strangers you might face various misfortunes and troubles.

Vanga stated that feast symbolizes wealth, financial stability and happiness. If a young woman dreams of a wedding feast, then soon she will get married; and the richer the feast was, the wealthier her future husband will be. If there was not so much food, it tells that her husband will be poor.

If you got an invitation to the feast, you will meet wealthy people who can help you in your career.

If you came at the end of the feast and you saw only leftovers, this is a herald of emotional turmoil and financial problems. If you dream of the feast with your friends, it bodes profit. People with whom you eat will somehow affect your business. Dishes in a dream symbolize prosperity: the more food you see, the more prosperous your financial affairs will be.

According to Freud, a feast symbolizes health and the interpretation will depend on the amount of food on the tables.