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Feel sorry - Meaning of Dream

Feeling sorry is the case when a dream can have both an opposite interpretation and a literal one in reality.

If you were feeling sorry for some people in your dream, it is an unfavorable sign for you in waking life because you shouldn’t hope for a reciprocal feeling towards yourself. It can happen that you will be trapped in some unpleasant and even dangerous situation, but nobody will give you a helping hand – you will have to find a way out on your own. Don’t feel blue! Even such a disappointing situation has its positive sides: it can teach you a lot; you will become wiser, experienced and more endurable towards ups and downs. On the other hand, the reason for such a cruel attitude may be hidden in you, but not in the people who surround you. Your disrespectful behavior can push them for such inhuman treatment. You’d better reconsider your attitude to people and life in general before judging others and wondering at their unfair actions towards you.

Such a dream may have a literal meaning though. It can be a reflection of your thoughts and feelings in reality. Apparently, you had a similar situation, in which you felt sorry for somebody or something, the other day. It struck you to the heart that is why you cannot stop musing on it even when you are asleep.

Feeling sorry for an animal foretokens a journey in the nearest future. Probably, you will have a desire to have some rest from mundane and work. You will make a good choice if you decide to travel somewhere because a change of the surroundings is a universal panacea. It will let you distract yourself from all your problems (at least for some time) for sure. Sunbathing on a Hawaiian beach will clean your head, and you will have a possibility to look at some problems of yours anew. In its turn, you will be able to solve them as soon as possible and in the most effective way.

Also, such a dream stands for radical changes in your life. It is possible that you will move somewhere, although you won’t regret about this decision even a second.

Besides, feeling sorry for somebody or something characterizes you as a person of a unique character. On one hand, you are softhearted, on the other – strict and commanding. It helps you to find an approach to anybody in any situation.