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Fence - Meaning of Dream

Fence, in the modern dream book, represents the unforeseen obstacles. If you managed to climb the fence, it bodes that your work will be successful. Falling off the fence predicts that the undertaking, which you prefer, is not equal to your abilities, therefore all efforts will be in vain.

If the fence, where you sat together with other people, has suddenly broken, it portends an upcoming accident with someone you know.

If you get into the hole in the fence, it tells that in order to achieve the cherished goals you will resort to illegal methods.

To break the fence and cross it – is an indication that a dreamer actively overcomes all challenging obstacles which appear on the way to happiness and success.

If you dream of many domestic animals jumping over the fence into your yard, this dream portends a sudden support. On the contrary, if the animals run away through the fence, it heralds the loss in business affairs.

Construction of the fence represents your stubbornness in forming the foundation of future prosperity. For a young lady, this dream promises luck in love. But if she saw that the fence was ruined or she fell from it, this on contrary portends a failure in love affairs.

According to Miller, a horseshoe hanging on the fence portends a great success, which will exceed all expectations. Metal fence promise lies and fraud in current affairs.

A fence, according to Vanga, is an undefined symbol. The interpretation depends on what you saw: a fence or the process of its construction. A fence symbolizes misfortune, difficulties and obstacles, separation from loved ones. Someone does not allow you to achieve well-being in different spheres of life. Construction of the fence is a favorable omen. All your work initiatives will succeed and will bring very fruitful results. In love affairs a dreamer will experience happiness and joy.

According to Freud, if the fence was well painted and looked after, it tells that you appreciate each partner, and your relations differ with care and desire to please.

Rotten or broken fence indicates that you are unpretentious in choosing a partner: you do not care about health and mood of people with whom you have intimate relations.

If you construct a fence, it signifies that you are trying to isolate yourself from love affairs. You think that love brings only misery and unhappiness, and because of this feeling people can’t control own emotions.