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Fetters / Shackles - Meaning of Dream

Fetters in a dream symbolize pressing obligations or the circumstances which you can’t change. If you were wearing shackles in a dream, you probably can’t find an opportunity to realize your plans because the situation has now developed not in the best way. Also, such a dream can be a sign that business requires your complete dedication and it consumes too much energy and time.

For unmarried young women, hands in the fetters signal that she will become a wife of a very jealous and distrustful man, who will try to control her all the time.

If you managed to take shackles of, this is a good omen, because soon you will have a chance to rest from work in a pleasant company; moreover it will not cause any damage for your business. For pregnant women, this dream portends easy and fast delivery.

If all your attempts to throw the shackles off were useless, it foretells that the surrounding people will not appreciate your work and will categorically condemn some of your actions, which have been well-intentioned. This opinion will offend you a lot and will cause your depressed mood.

A dream, in which you saw the guards convoying prisoners in shackles, indicates that soon your sweetheart will need your help; thanks to your assistance, he/she will be able to cope with all problems.

If you dream of workers with shackles on their hands or feet in the mine or logging, it bodes that your boss will give you a hard to execute task. In some cases, this dream promises unpleasant obligations towards family members which you will be forced to incur.

In Freud interpretation, if you struggle to break and cast off shackles, this is evidence of your firm intention to change the circumstances that dissatisfy you in life. Nevertheless, you should not act too quickly and rapidly, otherwise you risk losing not only unnecessary stuff, but also something really important and expensive.