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Fighter aircraft - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a fighter aircraft, soon you will face big changes, which instantly burst into your routine and turn everything on its head. If you dreamed of a fighter at night on Tuesday or Thursday, then soon you will cope with a difficult challenge, but not without the outside help.

The interceptor squadron most likely foreshadows the unstable political situation in the country, with street protests and social upheavals.

If you see yourself in the cockpit controlling the fighter, it tells that you should immediately intervene in the problems and affairs of friends, even if it looks cynical and brazen on your part.

If the fighter aircraft flew right above your head, then you won’t be able to avoid failures or you are destined to get into a dangerous situation. For a young lady this dream foretells the delay of a planned wedding.

If you happen to be in a fighter during a plane crash, then be ready for failures and gloomy prospects for the future.

According to Vanga, if you fly on a fighter plane, this is a prediction of a wonderful trip to the distant lands, where you can perfectly relax and unwind.

If a fighter lost altitude very quickly, you should be ready for important life tests. But you'll manage to overcome all the hardships and benefit.

If you witness a fighter crash, it is not a good sign, foretelling a major plane crash in which a lot of people will die. A lot of fighter planes are seen in a dream, as a herald of loss of hope. For a long period, you will not be able to achieve an honorable position in society, good material prosperity or create a happy family.

A flight on a fighter plane in Freud’s dream book embodies the exaggerated sexual self-esteem. If you get in a plane crash, most likely you have diseases or disorders in functioning of your reproductive organs. If you watched a fighter plane crash, you may have a conflict situation with someone of your family or a sexual partner.

Plane exhaust promises the loss of something very valuable for you. The most annoying fact is that you are not guilty and you will do all possible in order to smooth everything and get the things on the right track.