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Fingerprints - Meaning of Dream

A dream in which you delete fingerprints foretells that soon you will have upturn in life. You have all chances to change your job for better one or move to another city. Such a dream symbolizes the end of the past; that is why you remove your data, and erase it from memory in hope that in foreseeable future you will have a new name, status and life.

If you can’t see fingerprints at all but it has a great importance to you, it points that you are worried about own life, you can’t realize yourself, and you are constantly depressed with something, and insecure. You need to reconsider the methods of changing your life and becoming more self-confident.

If you want to understand what fingerprints of close people mean, you have to specify the conditions of a dream. If fingerprints are taken by police, such a dream tells you to be more attentive. It is possible that in upcoming future there will be some difficulties, and close people can fall under the article of the Criminal Code.

In case the paint remains on your hands after taking fingerprints, it means that you are very shy if you commit some action. This shame will haunt you throughout your life.

If you see fingerprints in a nightmare, it also means that subconsciously you have a huge fear for your actions as you may be punished by law. Perhaps, this action has not yet been committed, but only planned. It is better to abandon this idea and not to risk, since the risk may not be justified.

In case where fingerprints are left by a stranger, it bodes that you have be careful, it is possible that someone is trying to let you down. Most importantly, after such a dream you should be extremely careful especially with the legal authorities. It is also likely that you feel pressure from outside. Extra care never hurts; the dream with fingerprints is a kind of signal for a dreamer to be vigilant.