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Fingers - Meaning of Dream

In human dreams fingers symbolize the presence of change in life, usually in a positive direction. Meaning of dreams depends on which finger you dream of, because each of them means something particular.

For example, the thumb warns you about the imminent meeting with a potential crook and con artist, who will try to mislead you. The index finger represents your willpower and commitment at this period of life, so it's a good time for big decisions.

Middle finger in dreams says you are currently worried about something or the feeling of anxiety never leaves your soul. Ring finger means that soon you will meet new interesting people. If you dream of woman’s ring finger is the first sign that you are on the right path of life, as it may be related to family affairs and workers.

Pinky finger usually is seen in the dream before getting good news which promises you to improve the material condition.

Dreaming of fingers clenched into a fist, indicates your serious intentions to some certain people or things, this is the best period for confessions or expression of important thoughts and words.

But if you see a bloody fist, then it is likely that you will receive some bad news.

If you dream about broken fingers, it means that soon you will suffer minor setbacks or misfortune. And if in a dream fingers heal quickly, it is on contrary, the sign of the good fortune that awaits you around the corner.

Sometimes people wonder, what does finger stained in varnish or paint mean? This dream is seen, if a person is isolated in own feelings and emotions.

The absence of one finger on the hand is a sign that in your life you will face a crisis (financial, creative), because of which you are going to feel weak, depressed and insecure. But if you see fingers without nails in the dream, it means the depriving of someone's help or support; it can also mean the quarrel with a friend or loved one.

If you happen to see your thumb in an unnatural small form/shape, it means that you will be very lucky or will receive very good news.

But if you dreamed of your fingers with dirt under your fingernails, it is a sure sign of troubles at work.

If a woman touches man’s fingers playfully, it indicates her ability to provoke men to have an intimate contact. However, often at the last minute she can refuse and abandon own intentions. If a man dreams of wounded finger, then he has doubts about own potency. Wounded woman’s finger tells her about the possibility of being subjected to violence.

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