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Fireplace - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a fireplace with fire, it is a sign of luxury. If you see just a fireplace, this dream portends bad news; this could be the news about someone’s disease. Empty fireplace always foretells grief. But the fire symbolizes joy and good times.

If you dream of andiron next to a fireplace, this dream foretells good relationship with your friends. Fire in the fireplace is a good sign, foretelling promotion, and good health. And if a sick person had such a dream, he/she will soon recover.

If you start up fire in the fireplace, it signals of a good atmosphere in your house, and good relations within the family. If the fire is hard to start and it doesn’t burn, this dream forebodes bad news from far relatives.

A fireplace that is closed with grate foretells happiness and recovery after a long illness.

If you are cold next to the burning fireplace, it heralds that something bad may happen to your family members or close people.

A fireplace with a cracked masonry portends a quarrel with friends concerning work issues. Fireplace in soot heralds slander about a dreamer, but he/she shouldn’t worry because it is easy to avoid the problems associated with it.

If you burn coal in the fireplace, it is a sign of happiness and mutual love.

If you descend down the chimney in a dream, you might receive sad events in reality. For a young lady, such a dream portends thoughtless actions, which she can later be condemned for. But if a woman dreams that she climbs up the chimney, it tells that she will be able to avoid any trouble.

In general a fireplace is a symbol of joy, well-being, success, improvement of health and relations.

According to different dream books this symbol has many meanings, but they still have common opinion that it portends peace, harmony, happiness and family hearth.