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Fish - Meaning of Dream


Fish is a symbol of destiny, foreshadowing the impending affairs, acquisitions, or a nuisance, depending on where you see the fish.

If you dream of a fish that is swimming in clean, clear water, it promises new discoveries and achievements. For successful people it is a sign of promotion or better deals.

Simple worker dreams of fish in the water, as an omen of luck, sudden pecuniary profit.

Another meaning of a fish in a dream is a disappointment that is only if you see fish in muddy and dirty water. Dead fish also doesn’t portend anything good. This may mean an approaching illness or trouble.

All the rest dreams about the fish have a good meaning. For example, if you dream that you catch a big fish, it is a sign of good luck, which is very close to you.

If you see someone else catching fish, it means that you will be very energetic during upcoming days.

If you dream how you carry home your catch, and it is very heavy, it means that you will have a burden of responsibility for your family.

Usually, fish in a dream interpretation by Miller has a meaning of luck, but only if you see it in a small amount; or if another person carries a lot of fish.

A young girl, who dreams of fish, should be prepared for a big happy love or an upcoming proposal for marriage. Adult women see such dream as a sign for welfare in family and easy life.

Dream Interpretation book by Miller mentions as well a fish market. If you stand there or walk through, such dream promises you a great joy and prosperity. Buying fish in a dream means that you will be responsible for your family wellbeing.

For those, who have a birthday in September, October, November or December, fish is a dream is a call to change own character and behavior. It is worth thinking of own mistakes, and understanding what is going wrong in order to change something in own life.

For those, who have a birthday in May, June, July and August, fish in a dream is a sign of thoughts about children. Perhaps, the dreamer will become pregnant. If fish is seen in a dream by a child, it means that he/she will face foes. Soon something bad may happen, there will be some difficulties or problems.

By Veles dream book, fish is a sign of profit. It may also mean pregnancy and children. If you see a large fish, it is profit; if small - the pregnancy of your daughter. If the fish is alive – it is a sign of the health, and good luck in some matters.

If the fish stinks, it is a sign of income. If you catch a colorful fish - you will have a poor health. If the fish was caught – you will have a happy marriage.

Eating fish in a dream means disease, and trouble, but not significant.

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