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Fisherman - Meaning of Dream

Fish in a dream symbolizes good luck. If it is caught in seine or wish a fishing rod, it means that you will have a progress in your affairs. However, if you missed it, in the near future there will be nothing good happening to you.

If you are a fisherman and catch your fish on bait, such dream has a lot of positive meaning. It means that you will receive appraisals and compliments.

But if you see a lot of fishermen, it means that your business will be in disorder. It is also undesirable to catch a dead fish. This symbol indicates that someone is trying to harm you. Perhaps, this will be an injury or some kind of conspiracy.

Another interpreters say that fish – is a sign of joy. And if a person is trying to catch it, especially if it is a pike, then soon she/he will have a baby born girl.

It is undesirable to catch small fish. This sign heralds the small troubles and tears.

It is very important to pay attention to the way the fisherman catches fish. He can use bait, a fishing rod or a net. Despite the fact that it's just a minor detail, it has a great importance for the interpretation of dreams. Therefore, you should remember those little things.

So, if a fisherman uses a fishing rod, he will have profit in the near future; if he catches fish with a help of net – he will be lucky. Another good sign is dreaming of a bucket with fish. This means that in the near future you will receive an inheritance.

If the bait was used to catch a carp, the dreamer will have a new born boy.

If you check with Aesop dream book, you will find out that you will have a well-being in your family.

And if a fisherman places a caught fish into the aquarium, it means that soon he will have some small joy. Maybe someone will make a surprise, or prepare a nice gift.

If a fisherman put a fish back to the water after he caught it, this dream says that all problems will be solved successfully.

The place, where you see your dream is also important; it may be a river or a sea. If a fisherman caught a fish in the river, he will have a happy life. If the fishing happened in the sea, he will be promoted soon.

If you see a fish splashing in the water, this sign promises you an active and vigorous life.

If you dream that a fisherman just gives your fish, this dream portends a new love.

Depending on the day you’ve seen a dream, it has a different interpretation as well. Dreams, which you see on Sunday, will become true before lunch or in 5 years. Those, who were born on Monday, may expect Monday dreams to come true.

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