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Fist - Meaning of Dream

If you saw a fist in your dream, it indicates that most likely you have made some important and correct decision recently.

If you square your fists in a dream, it signifies that you feel anger to a specific person, and this anger knows no bounds. Try to control yourself; anger has never brought anything good, except a bad mood and resentment. Moreover, your anger can be groundless because that person thought nothing bad against you; instead, his/her intentions were the best. Simply at some point he/she was misunderstood.

If you dream of a fist in front of your face, this is a very bad sign, indicating that an evil enemy is preparing a very bad surprise. You should think carefully whom you might have done something bad recently.

If you made a strike at someone with your fist, this dream indicates that it is possible to take a leading position among friends and colleagues in real life. However, you should be very careful before doing these steps, it is necessary to learn more about the situation, because each step in unknown direction may be wrong.

A dream as if you square your fist foretells quite an unexpected danger. It is precisely related to the fact that your secrets were disclosed and the opponent took advantage of that situation to ensure own well-being.

If is recommended to abstain from drinking alcohol in big companies, as the deception it is expected in the society of familiar people. If someone shakes his fist in front of your face, in the near future, you may face some powerful influence of higher power, which will be hard to cope.

Do not despair after dreaming of a fist - this does not mean tragedy. The main thing is to remember that the best dreams are seen when you have a good mood before going to bed.