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Flat (Apartment) - Meaning of Dream

A flat in dreams has many meanings, but most of all such dreams represent the desire for a better life, a gradual ordering of own affairs and relations with partners and close friends. If you rent an apartment in a dream, this is a bad sign - you are completely vulnerable to outside influence and tend to comply with someone else's instructions.

If you exchange your flat for a better one in a dream, it portends the increase of your revenue, and profit from nowhere. If you repair your apartment, this dream states that soon you will take actions to improve your health and will soon recover: take a trip to the resort which you dreamed of, or simply take time off to relax in a cozy country house.

If you found that your apartment was robbed, it heralds a complete personal independence.

In Miller’s dream book, if you examine a flat cluttered with stuff, this dream foretells your sickly condition. If you furnished your apartment, hang pictures on the walls or swap some stuff in the room – you will face disagreements and disputes due to the fact that one of the spouses is too picky to another. If you received a flat as a gift, you will implement an old dream.

According to Vanga, a flat in a new building portends a successful marriage and a move out. If you rented a flat, this reflects your love for adventures or extramarital affair. If you dream of an apartment, located very high, this is a sign that you have a great life plans, and sometimes you can even set unachievable goals. The more spacious and luxurious the apartment in a dream is the easier and more interesting your life will be.

If you sold your flat in a dream - be ready for a long separation from a sweetheart.

In Freud's dream book, if you see yourself in someone’s apartment, this is a very bad dream telling that your partner openly betrays you.

If you happened to freely enter someone else's apartment, it states that you do not mind to cheat on your soul mate with his/her best friend. If you clean, vacuum or wash the floors in someone’s apartment – get ready for a big scandal because of jealousy. If you see a stranger breaking into your flat, you might be a victim of physical or moral violence.