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Flatbread - Meaning of Dream

Flatbread is a symbol of unexpected joy. A flatbread has several meanings and you have to understand which of them fits your dream the most. If this flour product appears in your dream, you will have the life full of love, attention and care, especially if it is baked by mother or grandmother. If you feel the fragrant smell spreading through the house, get ready for the guests, this meeting will be pleasant and memorable.

If you baked a flatbread all alone, it reflects your excessive care of loved ones. It is not necessary to constantly call them and ask about their lives; everything is safe and goes in due course.

If you dream of children eating the flatbread, this is an indication that your work will be appreciated, and the reward will be in your hands. This is the best symbol of gratitude and success. Unexpected money will appear in your wallet.

If you eat tortillas, you should get ready for a visit or a pleasant meeting. Therefore, you should go out in the best mood and in great shape. Loneliness in a moment can give way to marriage.

In other dream books, a flatbread is a sign of good news. For young girls, this is an omen of pregnancy. For adult women, this dream portends the appraisal of superiors and husbands. For men, this is a sign of successful career and promotion, and good flattering words from colleagues.

Everything will be hundred percent implemented, it is important to timely schedule meetings, business, travels, and it will lead to victory in everything. If you see animals eating tortillas, the dream tells that it is time to spend money forgetting about problems; everything is permitted, and luck accompanies at every step.