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Flight - Meaning of Dream

A flight in your dream can be interpreted rather differently – the range of its meanings is quite wide. For example, it may bear information from whether you’ll become successful to physiological changes in your organism. It also denotes difficulties on your way, your self-dependence and freedom, inspiration and spine.

If you are flying in your dream, it denotes that you want to be a free and independent person, but something prevents it. Maybe, you want to move from your parents and live separately. To do this you must be sure that you have a reliable source of income (or at least you must do anything to find it). Very often young people consider freedom as avoiding their parents’ control, but not earning money themselves for a living. Or maybe, you have a thought of breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend because he/she has clung your wings. That’s why you’re deprived of freedom. Erich Maria Remarque once said in one of his literary writings that freedom is the most valuable thing in human life; if love doesn’t give you freedom, then it isn’t love. Don’t break your principles, and very soon you’ll get what you want.

If in your dream you’ve managed to take off, it signifies that your beginnings will be successful. If you cherish some idea now, concentrate on its implementation. Don’t be afraid of unknown. Your courage and riskiness will bear good fruits.

When your mom and dad said that flying in a dream was growing in reality they also were right. Such a dream stands for strengthening the bone mass of your organism. For children and teenagers it means that they grow; for adults and elderly people it refers to age changes in their organism.

If you’re falling down while flying, such a dream denotes that soon you may be confronted by the obstacles of different kinds, whether at work or at home. But if you’re determined enough to overcome them, they will die out without having done serious damage. Also, the same meaning has a dream in which you’re seeing someone who is going up into the sky leaving you down. If it is you who are going up, such a sign promises you well-being and prosperity though.

Seeing how a bird is flying designates that you possess internal sources of energy and power which help you to cope with any task and problem. Even in the most hopeless situations you don’t lose your heart and go forward to gain your goals. It is your distinguishing feature amid others and your main advantage. Use it wisely, and soon you’ll become very successful.

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