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Flood - Meaning of Dream

Generally speaking, to see flood in a dream is a very unfavorable sign. Although, there is a couple of positive ones.

Seeing a horrible dream in which you’re rushing down the flood together with wreckages of houses, furniture, etc. warns you against the possibility to fall ill. Be more attentive to the state of your health. In any case, don’t treat yourself on your own because you can make your state even worse. Always consult a doctor if something bothers you. If you feel the slightest malady, apply to a doctor and adhere to his/her recommendations implicitly. Don’t grudge either money or efforts if a course of treatment takes you some time. You must clearly set the priorities for yourself. Realize that if there are some problems with our health, we cannot live our life to the full; we have to get used to denying ourselves many things. So, take care of it now not to reap the fruits of your negligence in the future.

Yet, seeing the flood of clear blue water in your dream is a good sign. It stands for the end of the series of misfortunes in your life. Success will attend you since now. Maybe, you had to go through all this to gain invaluable experience and knowledge to move forward. We hope that you’ve learnt something out of this. Now, you are rewarded for not losing your heart even in the extremely difficult situations.

If there is the flood that is swallowing up some village or even a town/city right before your eyes in your dream, it is a terrible sign. It betokens a catastrophe and a number of disasters in the nearest future. However, this dream can be interpreted both globally and more precisely (it may concern a fate of some particular person and be figurative). If to take the interpretation literally, it is a prediction to store up the most essential things which can be useful under the conditions of serious disaster. Treat such a possibility seriously because your life can be under the threat. Also, a dream with such content may denote negative events and suffering in your personal life. There can be problems at work, with children, health or boyfriend/girlfriend. Be careful. Try to avoid them or go through them with minimal losses.

Seeing that the flood is carrying people is a bad omen too. It means that you’ll be confronted by serious troubles soon. It can bode grievous losses as well. All this can make your life unbearable, sorrowful and painful. You must find the strength inside to survive, find the sense of life and inspiration, although it is very hard.

If you’ve managed to save yourself from the flood in your dream, it is a favorable sign. It designates that it is within your depth to solve problems of different complexity. You will have a chance to prove your abilities in the nearest future.

Seeing that your house has been ruined or damaged in your dream bodes problems inside your family. Your relations will be rather tense due to some reasons. If you neutralize the last ones, the atmosphere in your house will become warmer.

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