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Flowerbed - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a flower bed, then there is no reason to worry, this dream is favorable. Especially, if there are many beautiful and colorful flowers on the flowerbed. A dreamer will have a lot of joy, adventures and interesting new acquaintances. However, it requires some efforts, although insignificant.

If you see a flowerbed that only begins to blossom, but it is neat and tidy, this dream portends the imminent changes in your life, if you choose the right path.

The flowerbed that fades in the rain tells about urgent need to change something in life and to review the vital objectives.

Trampling the flowerbed tells that you must remember the old ties, call forgotten friends, classmates or fellow students.

An empty or wilted flowerbed advises to remember about the important things that have been forgotten because of work. For example, write a letter, make a report or call important partners.

A flowerbed in a dream usually causes a lot of positive emotions and gives a boost of energy for the whole day. Many people want to know what this dream means, how to correctly interpreted it and what to expect from the future.

For a dreamer born in the period from January to April, the image of flowerbed heralds that his/her prestige in the society will increase, he/she will be promoted and reach the head post. The owners of own businesses will experience the increase of profits, business will flourish.

Dreamers born from May to August may expect something new in their lives; they do not even hope for discoveries and achievements, which they can get soon. A person born in the period from September to December will have a bright and beautiful life, in which he/she will have a successful job and a happy family. If a dreamer plants flowers, it bodes that all the dreams will come true.

If you water a flowerbed in a dream, it tells that soon all the problems will be solved by themselves, a dysfunctional relationship with a loved one or family will be happy and serene again.

Sometimes the flower garden can predict the troubles which however will not impact the life significantly, but will make a dreamer think of own future.

If you see that a flowerbed is ruined or dug up, the dream states that you need to be ready for the betrayal of loved ones, which can seriously hurt your feelings.

The most wonderful dream is to water a flowerbed with a hose. In this case the life of a dreamer will be long and rich, and there won’t be the need to save money. Also this dream predicts new interesting acquaintances with outstanding people.