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Flute - Meaning of Dream

According to the great philosopher Feud, if you play the flute in a dream, it means that you are too constrained in sex, because you are trying to do everything "by the rules." Do not be afraid to be active and improvise, and then you will succeed. Most important is to remember that you are not alone in relationship, and your partner sometimes is waiting for you initiative. If you see such dream, it means that your subconscious tells you, that it is time to act and you shouldn’t hide in the shade of your partner.

If you hear someone playing on this instrument - this means that you are trying to make your intimate life as full with different activities as possible, still you might have troubles because you do not know how to achieve this. Maybe if you are lucky, your partner will help you, because at times he/she thinks that your monotonous sexual life is really boring. If not, you will have to experiment and choose the best possible way to satisfy your wishes. In this case you shouldn’t also forget your partner’s desires.

In general, if not relating to sexual meaning, the dream in which you hear someone playing the flute is a sign of pleasant meeting with friends from afar. It is time to renew old connections and to recall the memories of the past. Perhaps it will be useful for you, as you might get to know some facts which you didn’t know before and which may change your future life. Such dream also means success in business affairs, which promise to bring significant benefits. The only thing you need to do is to rely on own strength and energy in the management of your vital business.

If you are young girl, and you dream of the process of playing the flute, or you watch other people doing it, the dream means that soon you will meet a soul mate, a very kind man, who will make you fall in love with him, because of his manners. His good attitude will impress you, and you will think that he is the one. Perhaps, it is really so, but you need to check him first. Don’t hurry with your conclusions, as if it is your last chance. If you see that this is the man of your dream, try to make all possible, that he makes you a proposal, and you will be happy. But if you are confused or doubt of something, it is better not to waste time and efforts on the useless relationships.

According to the dream books, flute has not very wide variety of meanings, and if you see it in the dream, you better pay more attention to this specific interpretation, as it will be very difficult to find some details with this dream.

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