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Fly - Meaning of Dream

Flying is a quite rare image of the dream, and if a child had such a dream you shouldn’t even look in the dream book, this is an indication of kid’s growth. However, some detailed dreams are prophetic, and you have the chance to learn about them here.

Flying in a dream portends a lot of pleasant events and feelings. If you dream of a young girl flying on a cloud, this is a herald of the fulfillment of all desires (for women), and a successful start of a new business (for men). If you fly on the clouds, it reflects your dreaminess; sleeping on a cloud - a quiet life; collect flowers in the clouds - success in work, sports, and politics.

If you fly in the stormy sky, you will successfully get out of the predicament. If you fly into open space, it tells that you will find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings and will feel uncomfortable because you can’t find common language with other people.

Flying on a broom foretells quarrels, ridicule, and damage of kitchen utensils. If you see a man flying on a broomstick – get ready for insidious trick. A woman on a broomstick portends visit of unwanted guests. Flying cats predict troubles with a boss; flying elephant bodes surprise; flying dog - the loss of a friend; flying saucer - gossip, false accusations, and forgery.

If you dream of a flying pig, you will face higher prices for an apartment, utilities, electricity, gas and so on. A flying Pegasus signifies the inspiration; if you fly on Pegasus - reckless behavior, a family quarrel, visit of the casino or pub.

If you fly over the city and sing songs, this dream is usually seen on the eve of the mass feast (carnival, City Day, elections). Flying in a mortar portends a meeting with a mother in law, sisters of a husband, or a police officer.

If you fly down, it reflects the loss of freedom of spirit; for a person with threatening illness - a sudden recovery. If you quickly fly down, it represents the unexpected unpleasant events, but if your flight ends up in fall from the height, you will get acquainted with the intelligent person.

Flying with a parachute portends quiet happiness among the flowers and music. If you fly in the sky together with your loved one, the dream hints to have a closer look at your beloved one - perhaps he/she can’t be trusted.

If you swing your arms when flying, it tells that your attempts to become the master of your own destiny are vain; and if the flight is smooth without any effort, it tells that fate is favorable with you.

If you fly on an air-balloon in the beautiful sky, it portends an exciting journey with mysterious adventures. Kisses while flying in the sky portend vain quarrels and fight. If you sang cheerful songs in the flight, it states that you are too carried away with superstitions. If you fly and collect the stars in a basket, it bodes glory and successful bargain.

If you meet the geese in a flight, it portends a favorable matchmaking. If a man dreams that he is flying on a goose, it forebodes dating and marriage. A flight in an airplane heralds the changes in life; if you dream of a plane crash, you will be disappointed with the new position.

If you fly over the sea, it portends a holiday abroad, a romantic trip, and meeting with interesting people. Flying over a raging sea tells that you will safely solve big troubles.

Flying over the sea on a magic carpet predicts the purchase of defective household appliances. If you fly over the sea and see the beautiful seabed, it bodes that you will learn the secret and make a scientific discovery. If you have fun while flying over the sea, you will experience sorrow for the former happiness. If you see many fish in the sea, it heralds profit; if the fish grabs your leg or arm, it foretells that the wealth will be a burden for you.

If you fly through the air on skis, it portends the achievement of the goal. Flying naked means that you carelessly entrusted your secret to detractors; flying in underwear - gossip and shame. If you lost your shoes on the fly, you will have a serious quarrel with a lover. Smiling in the flight foreshadows sorrows of unfulfilled dreams.

If you fly out of the chimney, you will lose money and property. Flying through the chimney into your home tells that you will become a member of the conspiracy; you will hide from persecution, or will become an unwitting witness of someone else's crime. If you bump in a flock of birds – you will have a lot of friends.

Flying over the pond with dirty water portends a disease that will soon be treated; and if you touched the dirty water with some part of your body and smeared, it heralds long illness, dirty squabbles and gossip. If you swallow an insect in a flight, it is a sign of profit and a slight gain.

Often a prophetic dream is sent as a warning. Therefore, in order to avoid or significantly reduce future trouble, it is necessary to reconsider own actions. You might need to change your lifestyle, and make amends.