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Football - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a football match, it is a symbol that you place too much pressure on people around you.

If you are a boss and have a dream about the football game, you have to think whether you demand too much from your subordinates. But such dreams are not only seen by people who have high posts.

Football is a team game, and in the dream it symbolizes your surroundings. Remember, what your role in the dream about football was. If you only played the role of a cheerleader and carefully watched from grand stand, then the dream means that you know what to do in life and how to do your job. You are not worried about someone else's opinion - you just do not listen to it. Keep it up - this is the right course!

Dream about football, where you see yourself as a team player, is a sign that in reality you will be in a controversial situation. Most likely, it will arise because of the inheritance or finance, maybe it's time you pay taxes, or you have to lend. In any case, you will not like the prospect to give out your money.

It is possible that such dream reflects the tense situation at work that is hard to overcome. Or maybe it is time for you to change everything radically.

If you watch football on TV in your dream and you are cheering for your favorite team, this dream means illness. Due to this illness you might get fired from work or just feel unnecessary, abandoned and miserable. You better use this time for good entertainment and rest.

The same dream has also another meaning: you will be told the news about the strange act of one of your friends. But in this case it is better to feel sorry for the person, than to be surprised with his/her character. Your desire to help in this situation can be misunderstood, and you'll look stupid.

A dream is our subconscious reaction to the events of the day. If the day was active and eventful, then the dream will also have a dynamic plot - for example, a dream about football. Before you look for some secret meaning, you better think about this factor. But if you've noticed a trend that your dreams come true, then interpret the details more seriously.

Football is a symbol on manipulating of people. Depending on what the dreamer does, he/she might be either a manipulator, or a person who is being manipulated. Therefore, Vanga said that if a man played football with his friends or just with colleagues, then such a dream is an indication that he plays a role of a manipulator. He often forces people to do what he wants them to do. Others may not like this, but he does not notice this fact.