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Forehead - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream as if you scratched your forehead, it foreshadows that you are going to think a lot and work mentally; that is how you will stand some serious events that will play an important role in the life.

No matter whose forehead you saw in a dream, it may portend some disappointments and worries in life. If you admired your beautiful forehead or just noticed that your forehead looked very attractive, this dream tells that you will have an excellent opportunity to strengthen your reputation and position in society. This will happen because you will extend prudence and will strive for justice.

Ugly and wrinkled forehead indicates that you will have a decline in the affairs or you will be dissatisfied with your actions that were previously performed, not even thinking about the possible consequences.

If you stroke a small child’s forehead, it tells that you will receive some praise for your noble deeds.

If a young girl kissed her close friend in a forehead in a dream, it bodes that she will have a brief altercation, which may happen because of some ridiculous rumors. If you saw a very low and not very good looking forehead, this dream requires you to show boldness; and if the forehead was wounded, you will face a period of sorrow and regret. Wrinkled forehead foretells heart to heart conversation.

Hanging over the eyes and very narrow forehead predicts difficulties in future affairs, as well as disordered feelings. A forehead with deep wrinkles portends unexpected troubles and worries.

Bleeding forehead forebodes that soon you will regret that you did not listen to the advice of a clever fellow, and got your own way.

If you stroke someone on a forehead, it tells that you will perform unselfish and worthy act that deserves respect.