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Foreigner - Meaning of Dream

Foreigner is a symbol of a kind of foreignness. This is a person with whom, by objective reasons (language barrier), it is difficult to find a common language and to make contact. The guests from other countries tend to arouse interest among the local population. This is a multi-valued image.

Much depends on what country representative you have seen in a dream. Only knowing the nationality, you can interpret the foreigner correctly.

American. A resident of the United States is a harbinger of a good conversation. Most likely due to some established relations your well-being will improve.

Arabs, Turks. Such a person is a herald of future amorous conquests. Men will be able to easily engage women’s hearts, and the ladies will easily impress men.

Englishman. If you saw a foreigner, who came from England, it is not a good sign. It says that some confusing situation will seriously complicate the life in the near future.

Jew. People of this nationality portend happiness. Perhaps it will be connected with money or career.

Roma. Such a dream is a great sign, predicting success in life. Everything that is planned and scheduled will be completed successfully.

Afro-American is a harbinger of trouble. It is likely that in reality you will receive not very good news.

Greek. If you hear a Greek talking to you, it is a herald of cheating. Be careful, someone won’t miss the opportunity to betray you.

If you are a foreigner in your dream, it predicts new friends. Such acquaintances will diversify your leisure, and make your life more vivid.

But a dream, when no one understands you in another country, is a warning. This dream predicts the possible alienation, conflicts, disagreements, and ridiculous argument.

If you saw of a pleasant, helpful foreigner, this dream portends great mood and favorable life circumstances. Repulsive foreigner with nasty manners symbolizes grief and disappointment with a partner, who will happen to be incompetent.

If you found yourself abroad in a company of a foreigner, it portends boundless devotion of friends. You can always rely on their assistance because they are impressed by your initiative.

If you couldn’t talk to a foreigner because of a language barrier, in reality you will experience doubts about the performance of an assignment. Another interpretation of this dream foretells misunderstanding of actions of a loved one, and motives that cause them.