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Forest - Meaning of Dream


Forest is a symbol of new beginnings, which, depending on the density and greenery of trees, can be positive or negative. A dream where you see a forest can be interpreted in different ways. First you need to remember details of the dream, that is, you have to remember what the trees were in your forest. Young – is a new beginning and success in business, old trees - the return of the old problems that you will be able to solve.

If the forest is coniferous, then you will have endless happiness and success in business. If you dream of deciduous forest - it means that you life will change soon.

You need to know exactly what forest means; as such dream may help you dealing with important issues. Mixed forest in a dream means contradictions and conflicts in business.

If you walk through the woods, and you are pleased to be surrounded by trees, the dream may mean that in the near future some family members, with whom you have lost connection, will come to visit you.

If you cut down the forest it means that you are provoking troubles which appear in your life, for example it can be a disease, because you did not want to dress up warmly. Or it may be the loss of a large sum of money because of your carelessness.

If the forest is burning in a dream, it means that you have problems that need to be urgently solved, and you will be able to deal with it.

If you dream that you walk in a forest with your beloved one it is a sign of mental balance and harmony between you and your husband.

If unmarried lady dreams of a forest it means that she will meet her soul mate very soon, besides her future husband will be healthy and spiritually developed. For a young boy, dreaming of forest ensures a pleasant journey in which he will get acquainted with new friends. For older people, dreaming of the forest means that they will recall their past in the memories: look through old photos and call their children. It is time to make a first step towards conciliation.

Dense forest in a dream means profitable business that will help you achieve great success in business. For kids, dreaming about forest or walking in it means the promotion of health; also it means that such dream can help the child to raise immune system.

Dreaming of a forest where a lot of animals walk and the birds sing, means that your competitors or enemies you will find a common language with you and you might become partners. The forest, in which you see fallen trees, means collapse of all hopes.

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