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Forex - Meaning of Dream

Forex/money/foreign currency in your dream has a lot of meanings. There are some of them.

If you’ve found forex/money, it denotes that you’ll take serious risks about some decision. Although, it is impossible to say whether this risk will be justified or not, relying on a dream content. Everything depends on you. Do what you think you ought to. If you are sure in future success of some affair, and possible danger doesn’t scare you, go ahead. It’s all in your hands. Let the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” guide you. There also can be some insignificant grounds for anxiety.

Counting forex/money in your dream refers to great money bonus in the nearest future. You/your company will probably sign a profitable contract which will bring impressive income. For some time you don’t have to worry about your financial position at all. You will let yourself live high. Spend this sum of money reasonably not to regret about wasting it in future. Think this issue thoroughly over. Maybe, you’ll invest it somewhere or buy something you’ve always dreamt about.

If you’ve lost some forex/money in your dream, it stands for insignificant problems either inside your family or with your colleagues. The reasons for this can be different. So, what to do in such a situation you have to decide on your own, depending on the kind of a problem.

Having stolen forex/money in your dream implies that there is some danger ahead. You should behave reasonably and carefully. Maybe, some people don’t mind to betray or foolish you. Be aware of the people you are hardly acquainted with. They may be your evil-wishers. Check and put in order the documents and accounts. Perhaps, the danger is hidden here.

If you’re forging forex/money in your dream, it designates that you’ll be caught in petty deception. You’ll be publicly disgraced, and a slur will be cast on your reputation if not forever, than for a long period of time. Think before doing something stupid. Will it be easy to regain your lost reputation you’ve worked on for years?

Seeing in your dream that you’re borrowing forex is a good sign. It forebodes that your dream about life without any financial problems and welfare will come true. Evidently, you’ll find a decent job or develop your own business. No matter what you’ll do, you can forget about your financial troubles.

If you’re lending somebody forex/money, it is also a good sign. It betokens pleasant pastime in the company of your family, relatives and dear friends. So, if there is such an opportunity to gather together, use it!

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