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Fountain - Meaning of Dream


Before you interpret the dream, you need to try to remember what it was about in details. For example, if you see an active fountain in a dream, according to the Big Oracle Dream book, it means a happy life, not overshadowed by the tribulations and difficulties.

If the fountain is dry, then the interpretation will be different. Dry fountain in the dream means losses. If you open the dream book of healer Evdokia, it says that if you see a new fountain in the dream it means a new source of wealth. To understand in more detail, you should try to remember what the water in the fountain was.

If the water is clear, it is a sign of unexpected joy to a pleasant stay. If you see dirty fountain I is gossip, and unpleasant conversation. If the fountain is seen slightly blurry, it means betrayal of dishonest friends.

Broken fountain means failure and unhappiness. If a fountain is seen by a young woman, and it is beautiful, sparkling in the moonlight, it means she is too passionate and it might end up in drama. In the dream book by gypsy Seraphim, water in the fountain is life, truth, and decisions, Psychoanalytic Freud's dream book, also requires detailed descriptions to understand what fountain means. The fountain with many jets of water means the beginning of new relationships. If you dreamed of several fountains, it means that a person needs to make a choice, besides immediately.

Referring to Ancient Dream book, one can understand that the fountain in the dream means a surge of new feelings and emotions, which you lack. Perhaps in the future there will be a meeting with a person you haven’t seen for a long time, with which you had quarrels in the past. Ruined fountain in a dream means disappointment at the date. It is possible that it does not pass very well, possibly leading to a quarrel, or resentment.

Several fountains mean that there is a problem that should have been settled time long ago. So the dream pushes you to the fact that it is time to choose. According to psychological downers, working fountain in a dream is a carefree and rich life. Destroyed fountain warns you not to trust people, even loved ones.

Withered fountain is a run of bad luck in the dream. Often, people do not believe to ancient downers and refer to the Modern one. So, based on this dream book fountain with sparkling splashes in the sun means material well-being, happy life, and different entertainment. Withered and broken fountain is a great sorrow. If the fountain is seen by a young woman, it means that she will be involved in foolhardy entertainment. This dream suggests that it is better for a woman not to participate in these activities, because they can end up tragically.

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