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Fox - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a fox, it promises quick changes and success. Fast running fox is a sign that advises to perform decisive and swift actions. A fox, however, may be a sign of deception and betrayal as well.

For women, a fox is a symbol of good luck and success. A running fox forebodes wellbeing and happy changes. Try to put a little effort to develop your affairs.

If you dreamed of a fox hiding from a hunter, you should beware of two-faced people. Maybe soon some of your friends will try to cheat you because of selfish motives.

Fox skin, dreamed by a woman, indicates that she craves wealth and attention of men, which she will soon receive.

If a man dreams of a fox, it is a sign of strength and cunning. If the fox ran into the hole, a man will have an easy communication and flirting with a new friend. However, he needs to be very careful, because the fox is a symbol of trickery. Perhaps a woman is flirting, but she does it for selfish purposes. If a man sees himself wearing fox fur, he will have success in career matters and a good profit.

If a child dreamed of a fox, it indicates that your kid is carefully trying to hide some facts. And if a child sees a running away fox, it is a sign that he/she will be surrounded by only honest and caring people.

For the most part a fox reflects bad, cunning, evil, envious and angry people, and unpleasant future events with future betrayal.

A fox can be interpreted as an image of a woman who wants to disrupt your future plans.

A large universal family dream book tells that a fox is an arrogant and cheeky enemy. And it you fight with a fox in a dream, you will argue with your enemy in reality. If you catch a fox, you will give the game away and your detractors won’t fulfill their evil plans.

If the fox sneaks into your house, be wary of envious people who can ruin your reputation. If you pet a fox and play with it, the dream foretells a hazard.

If you kill a fox, it tells that you will defeat the enemies. If you eat fox meat, you may quarrel with a close person.

A fox, locked in a cage is a harbinger of theft or robbery. Killed fox is a reflection of advantage and power over the enemies. If you are wearing a collar made of fox fur, this is a sign of doubtful matters.

Vanga believed that killed or wounded fox signals of an acquaintance with a company of hellers and deceitful people; or one of the loved ones wants to harm.

Miller believed that a fox bodes your participation in dubious, dangerous and unrewarding chores, or useless adventures in amorous affairs. A fox in the yard forebodes the appearance of envious people. A killed fox is victory over enemies.