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Free - Meaning of Dream

Everyone understands different stuff by the phrase “to be free”. Freedom is unique for everyone but in general it is a sign of happiness. Let’s consider a few variants when you feel free.

If you have managed to avoid imprisonment, it means that soon you’ll take part in a couple of quite profitable affairs. No matter whether you’ll be the initiator of them or somebody else. Don’t worry. You won’t be involved in anything illegal. At last, you’ve found a job to your liking. Besides, it lets you realize your potential in your profession. Here you can demonstrate your paces and get corresponding remuneration for your experience and knowledge. These projects will certainly raise your life level. Your family won’t be in need for anything anymore. But don’t waste money with both hands. Be circumspect. Make up the way of their investment or saving. Think about the future now.

Being released from a prison in your dream is a favorable sign too. It denotes that you’ll avoid or cope with serious misfortunes without negative consequences. You must be attentive like never before to recognize the signs of oncoming troubles because you cannot know where they are hidden. Unfortunately, they can touch any sphere of your life.

Seeing a bird which is flying in clear blue skies in your dream symbolizes good news from someone dear to your heart. You can relax and not worry about this person anymore. The worst is behind. Also, it implies that you’ll be successful in your private life. Your darling will be very sweet. There won’t be huge quarrels between you; instead you’ll feel one another on a hunch. Appreciate and protect him/her. Some people spend a lifetime in search of his/her soulmate.

Seeing wild animals in our dreams points at our basic instincts; such a dream also determines our potential. It is important to remember what animal you have seen exactly because each of them has a set of unique features. For example, a cat is a peaceful, independent and even reserved animal; a horse is hard-working, useful, devoted, but also stubborn; etc. Your personal attitude to some animal in waking life is also taken into consideration in the process of dream interpreting.

If you are falling in your dream, it cautions you against getting down to new projects. New beginnings can be unsuccessful. It’s better to wait a little. During this time you can improve your strategy and make it more profitable, for example. Consider such a prediction as a hint to gain more experience because you may be confronted by the situations you know nothing about. Maybe, you shouldn’t hasten with undertaking a new business now. Weigh all pros and cons before starting it. When evil days are behind, you can easily be wrapped up in work.

Jumping with a parachute (skydiving) in your dream is a sign that you are not totally satisfied with the level life you have now. You are lacking in adventurism. You cannot bear this humdrum anymore. In such a way, your brain compensates for a deficiency in adrenalin. At least in your dream you’ll experience it. Adorn your life with bright colors. If you want, you can turn even the dullest task into entertainment. Everything is in your hands.