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Friend - Meaning of Dream

Happy and healthy friends in your dream are the harbingers of the meeting or the good news that you can get from them. If the friends in your dream are unwell, with blackened faces, it is likely that they have some serious health problems in real life as well.

A dream, in which you see your friend in the image of an animal, it signifies that someone from your surrounding wants you to have a quarrel with your friend.

If you see your friend in a bright red dress, it is a warning of more troubles and losses that can happen to you. If you saw a friend motionless standing on a hill, it foretells that you will gain the victories and achievements, which you have never dreamed of, because of the lack of knowledge and experience.

It is important to take into account the location of a friend in your dream. If a friend stands below you – be ready to lose your old friends. If you stand on the same level, it tells that you might lose the chance to reach a new, higher position. If you walk away from each other, it indicates the thirst for change, even under threat of breaking up with old friends.

If you were shaking hands with a friend who looked, it foretells that you might lose him/her. A dream, in which friend's face is hidden under white clothes, portends possible harm from someone who wants to be your friend. Try to pay attention to the color of clothing in a dream: light clothing is the most auspicious sign.

Miller interpreted a happy and calm friend as a harbinger of good news. A friend standing on a high pedestal symbolizes your great successes and achievements, developed sense of justice.

Friends in Vanga’s dream book are the pleasant meeting in reality with those people whom you’ve seen. If you are unhappy to see your friends, it bodes that something goes wrong in your life.

In Freud's interpretation a friend is your competitor and sexual opponent. If you see a few friends at the same time, you will experience all-consuming jealousy.