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Fringe - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see fringe, then in real life you should prepare for unpleasant surprise. Trust more to your surroundings, and then your wealth will not disappear and won’t suffer. Only collective support and help will be able to help you in this situation.

To wear clothes with fringe or braids, according to the dream interpreter, means that in real life you will face troubles. Moreover you will need to treat new disease soon. Such a dream is a warning for you, but you can avoid misfortune, if you cleverly approach this event.

If a fringe is golden, it means that you will feel irritation and discontent. These feelings might be caused by useless help of people that annoy you, and you can’t get rid of such a company. In any case, try to change your attitude towards your relations with people, perhaps you need to unlock your heart, and treat people more guardedly.

If a fringe is silver, you will be publically humiliated, moreover very soon. Your excessive self-confidence may cause other’s people envy, and they will try to do everything possible in order to make you feel ashamed.

If your clothes have natural fringe, it means that you are tired, but you don’t notice it. Irritability for nothing and small arraignment don’t adorn you. Therefore try to relax and forget about life troubles.

If one of your relatives is wearing clothes with fringe, it means that soon you will spend a lot of money because of this person.