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Frog - Meaning of Dream

A frog image in a dream has contradictory interpretations.

A frog in a dream may caution us against our ill-wishers. They may already prepare to let us down. Such a dream betokens some financial difficulties in the nearest future. Unfortunately, some misfortunes are inevitable. You don’t have to blame yourself in them because you just cannot influence the outcome of some of them. But before saying these words to yourself in your head, you must try to do everything you can to prevent them. Obviously, here you should beware of dubious affairs – it can be your evil-wishers’ hook on which they try to get you. Be very attentive and sensible. When you have enough evidence, you can call their bluff publicly not to let them play hanky-panky with others anymore. Also, don’t waste your money. You’d better save some. Maybe, you will need them soon.

Alongside with it, a frog is a sign that you will manage to gain everything you have planned. All your true intentions will be crowned with success. If you want to be promoted, soon you will have an opportunity to take your boss’s position; if you want to strike up serious relationships with someone, you will stop at nothing in the process of searching for an appropriate person; if you want to acquire your own dwelling, soon you will have your own house/apartment. You will achieve everything due to your strong character and determination. It is really your virtue.

If you have been trying to drive a frog away from your house/apartment, it is a very unfavorable sign. It means that you should expect serious difficulties of different kinds on your way that makes it almost impossible to get ready for them in some way. So, try to be extremely cautious everywhere and anytime – at work, with your family, outdoors, with your health, in municipal transport or in a driver’s seat, etc. Remember that precautionary measures can save your life in some cases.

Seeing that there are many frogs in your house/apartment in your dream denotes that you should be very attentive and prudent because there are some people in your surroundings who sail under false colors. Obviously, they will be glad to pull the wool over your eyes as soon as possible. Don’t trust everybody fully not to regret about your recklessness in the future.

To kiss a frog in your dream warns you against restricting your freedom. Everybody understands different things under this word. That’s why the influence of this restriction differs from person to person.