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Fruit jelly - Meaning of Dream

Fruit jelly

If you dream that you cook fruit jelly, this dream will bring you a profit in life, luck, and income. But if you drink it, it has a completely opposite interpretation. It means that you will condemn someone, or will experience excitement and mental anxiety, fear and worry about own future. If you are a person who haven’t chosen any path in life yet, this dream may appear to you very often.

If you see that somebody serves you fruit jelly and you eat it with pleasure, it means that you should be less trusting, because there is a possibility of fraud from a person who treats you with jelly.

If you eat fruit jelly, but it is too liquid and tasteless, it means that you will need to provide help for your far relatives very soon.

If you dream that you want to taste fruit jelly, but someone eats it before you, it is a sure sign that before you start a new business, you need to think and consider all the details, in order not to come out at the short end because of own stupidity and missteps.

Often you dream that you eat or drink something. Sometimes it's those products, which you often have on the dinning table; your body has accustomed to such dishes, so it is no wonder that you dream of such meals, and perceive such phenomenon for granted. But, at times, you can dream of something exotic or rarely consumed. For example, jelly. In the past, jelly was quite commonplace dish, the same as porridge or soup, and nowadays it is a rare dessert. That is why, after dreaming of fruit jelly, something extraordinary should happen in real life.

You will better understand the meaning of such dream if you check few various dream books. Fruit jelly is more like an echo of the past, and it reminds us of childhood, of relatives, and it is a kind of symbol of longing for the parents and grandparents.

In general, fruit jelly in a dream is a sign of fluctuation, viscosity, crudity, uncertainty, meaninglessness. This could mean uncertainty in any sphere of life: career, personal and family relationships, in business. And it may be a sign of apathy or even internal depression. In this case, take the dream as a signal of the body to wake up; the call to gather own strength and not to despair, to start decisive action to achieve those goals and desires that have been set previously.

If you prepare berry compote or jelly, such dream warns that somebody will dish the dirt about you very soon. Be ready for that, and if you smart enough you will be able to avoid such situation.

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