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Fun - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you are completely absorbed in having fun in the company of friends, foretells the moral satisfaction from participation in charitable projects, private generosity. If you observe other people having fun, you will receive desirable news. Joyful, happy faces mark the onset of a favorable period in your life.

Happy faces of people you know symbolize a meeting with friends. If during a dream you have fun but it ends up in some unpleasant events, it means that your friend is evil intentions under mask of virtues. His friendly disposition will turn into the hypocrisy and falsehood.

A dream, in which you are reading short funny stories and anecdotes, is a harbinger of good news. If you organize a mass funny celebration, in reality you become a member of a happy event and will spend leisure time in a pleasant company.

A dream, in which universal joy is replaced by quarrel and public showdown, indicates that there is something wrong in your life at the moment. Periods of luck will alternate with disappointment.

Fun carefree leisure time among close friends is a symbol of success in business and satisfaction with the education of own children. If a noisy fun party ends up in quarrel, so in reality a dreamer is destined to have prosperity and success.

If during a celebration the company has a small disorder or fight, it means that in the future, sadness and joy will accompany you alternately, one after another.

In some interpretations, fun –has the meaning of sadness, grief; see others having fun–means disappointment with those people, or in some deals.

Funny people in a dream portend a fun and happy life; and evil or boring people foretell sad and miserable life.