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Fur coat - Meaning of Dream

A fur coat is a symbol of solidity. This can mean either a solid position in society, or a solid purchase and acquisition. It all depends on what the circumstances of seeing a fur coat in a dream were.

So, if you just see a fur coat, this dream may indicate that at this time in your life you're trying to make big money in some business, but the outcome may not please you.

If you dream of a clean and beautiful fur coat, then you will get all the money you want. And if a fur coat is new, you will get a lot more than you expected for.

But, if you see a fur coat in poor condition, you risk losing a lot.

In generally, dreaming of a fur coat means earning a high and respectable position in the society. Perhaps, this indicates a big success, promotion or even changes career. But if you change your job, be sure you will be successful as well.

If you try a fur coat on, it means that in reality you will spend quite big sum of money. And your purchase could be considered more than just successful. So, if you have plans to buy something, it is time to start implementing them. The dream says that it's the best time.

If you dream of a fur coat, which you make or sew up, you should be ready for disorder in relationship. These relationships may get worsen with your soul mate, with friends or your family members. So, do not let unjustified accusations against your environment. And do not react sharply to any spoken word in your address.

If you dream of a spoilt fur coat eaten by mole, it is a sign of the impending disease. Be attentive to your health, and you should not commit hasty and risky actions. This is not your time. If you have something planned, for example, to climb a mountain or to go on a long journey, it is better to set your plans aside for some period of time.

Also a fur coat in a dream is a symbol of unexpected wealth, especially if a fur coat is new and beautiful. It is not related to your work. You should expect a lot of money from a completely different affair. Remember, it will be a surprising gift of fate, which is worth taking with dignity, in order not to miss a chance and not lose presented money.

In some dream books a mink fur coat is a symbol of hypocrisy, excessive ambition, excessive admiration of own success. If you happen to see someone of your surroundings in a fur coat, it means that you have to be aware. Perhaps, soon this person will betray you.

According to Aesop's dream book a mink coat has a double meaning: on the one hand, it's a sham, on the other hand - success and wealth.

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