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Future - Meaning of Dream

Dreams about own future are the reflection of your hidden hopes, fears, and anxiety associated with the further life. Often, these dreams are indicators of your mood at the moment. Bright dreams, where you admire a prosperous life in the future, suggest that you approach everything with optimism and confidence in own abilities. If the future in your dreams was dark and unsightly, then you will be overcome by anxiety and painful doubts. The atmosphere of such a dream is a hint of how the situation develops in real life and what you have to expect from it. Pleasant atmosphere makes you relax and trust your fate, at the same time unpleasant – makes you mobilize to solve important issues.

Don’t expect the accuracy of predictions from such dreams. The future opens itself to people in the form of certain tendency or associative hint, without details. In other cases, the fate protects people from knowing details of their next day in advance, in order them not to relax and spoil the day with imprudence.

If you dream of own future, probably soon you will have a desire to get involved in some unusual and very risky adventure, but at the last moment you will listen to the voice of reason and will refrain from illogical and crazy actions.

Dreaming as if you happened to end up in the distant future is a signal that you risk of making a mistake in some very important matter relating to employment or your own business. A dream warns that you should not implicitly trust your new colleagues or partners; otherwise you may incur significant losses.

Future in a dream book by Miller suggests that soon thanks to the common sense and the ability to soberly assess the circumstances, you won’t be able to resist the temptation to make some reckless and stupid things, which your enemies expect from you. On the contrary, in an emergency you will brace your energies and will find a simple and dignified solution to the problem.

If you see future in a fantastic perspective, it tells that you need to demonstrate the maximum of caution and not to undertake anything risky or potentially dangerous.

If you see your own future, you have to be more balanced while making decisions, and try to think about consequences.

Trying to see your future represents your worries about own plans or events, which are important to you.