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Gaiters (2) - Meaning of Dream

Gaiters are usually seen in a dream as a sign of home atmosphere, calm and harmonious relationships with loved ones. The longer the gaiters are, the better you will feel at home. If you dreamed as if you were knitting socks/leggings or watched others doing it, this dream promises the fulfillment of your wishes. You will definitely get what you want if you put maximum effort and material expenditures. If you wear leggings, you will feel unprecedented confidence. Be ready for success and prosperity.

If a man dreams as if he buys leggings, this foretells that his family life will become ever harmonious and conflicts will pass him by. For a woman, this dream forebodes strong desires that can permanently deprive her peace of mind.

If you plan to buy leggings, but you can’t find the suitable size, this dream bodes that you are likely to miss the chance to significantly improve your financial situation. If you received socks as a gift - it's a reminder: try to be more interested in well-being of close people.

If you observe the performance of a dancer or athlete in leggings, in reality you do not need to agree with terms that business partners will offer you.

If you take off or put on gaiters, dream book by Miller interprets it as a pleasant journey to distant lands. If this article of clothing in your dream was of the bright color, it signifies that the trip will bring a lot of experience and will stay in your memory forever.

A dream about a stranger in torn leggings foretells a quarrel with neighbors or with their families. If you are wearing torn leggings, you will experience failures in some important situations. If you are wearing different color socks, be ready for the upcoming festivities in a dubious company.