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Gaiters - Meaning of Dream

If you see gaiters in your dream, it is sign of harmonious relations with relatives and a pleasant home atmosphere. If you see long gaiters, it bodes that you will feel happy about things you do.

In a dream you knit gaiters or see like someone else is doing this, it foretells that you will get everything you want with minimum efforts or material costs.

If you wear gaiters and you are proud of this, it is a sign of your confidence increases.

In a dream you buy new gaiters, it foreshadows that your affairs will improve.

Colorful striped gaiters on own feet signal of adventures, incredible journeys and interesting job. Also be ready for a lot of admirers.

If you see only black and white stripes on your gaiters, this dream indicates your dissatisfaction of own life. You are not trying to somehow diversify own existence, yet consider it to be boring and monotonous.

For a man, to dream of buying gaiters in a shop signifies that his family life satisfies him, and the situation is as harmonious as he could just imagine.

For a woman, such a dream represents her strong desires, which deprive her peace of mind.

If you want to buy gaiters, but you can’t find the right size, it portends that most likely you are going to miss your chance to improve own financial situation.

If you receive gaiters as a present, it is a reminder that you have to pay more attention to the health of your family.

Dreaming of a dancer or a sportsman in gaiters warns that in real life you should not accept the offers from your business partner or loved ones.