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Gale - Meaning of Dream

If you observe a gale in a dream, it forebodes that you might face big sorrow and considerable loss. Anyways, the dream interpreter tells you to be more courageous in resolution of such circumstances. If you have a beloved one, such a dream tells you that you should not be scared of competition; your partner will make a right choice.

If you dream of a dust storm, this dream leads to numerous small problems and discomfort, which will not bring you any pleasure. It is possible that you will go through cardinal changes in life.

To hide from gale means to receive unpleasant news or to unexpectedly meet an archenemy.

If you are in the epicenter of a gale storm, it portends that you can successfully avoid any kind of serious loss in your future.

If you see gale at sea – you will be anxious about something, but everything will end up good.

To suffer losses from gale in the dream means to face serious consequences of own deeds and actions of society in real life.

Snow gale means that you are lost in your thoughts and emotions. You have to take a rest and think everything through very carefully.

If gale subsides – in real life your problems will be successfully solved.

If you see the consequences of a gale, it means that in real life you will observe some troubles but it will not cause any harm to you or your family.