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Game - Meaning of Dream


A dream in which you are playing some game is the case when its interpretation is opposite to its content.

If you are winning all the time in your dream, it warns you against financial hardship in the future. Think what can be a reason for this and try to prevent it. To lose some game in your dream is a favorable sign. It denotes that your material position will greatly improve very soon.

If in your dream you are taking part in a game, it suggests that soon you’ll have a good time. Probably, you’ll entertain yourself in a joyful company of your friends. It’ll brighten up your everyday life. Everyone needs relaxation. Have a good time!

Seeing a game of any kind in your dream stands for possible rivalry in your surroundings. Keep a weather eye open and always long for more to rebuff your competitors easily. If you are confident in your abilities, you don’t have to concern about a defeat.

Also, such a dream denotes that there may be a good opportunity in your hands which can be helpful in reaching success. Besides, it cautions you against missing it. It can happen too. That’s why don’t hasten to deny getting down to some project, for example. Even if it seems hopeless to you, examine it more attentively all the same. Maybe, you’ll see a perspective in it, and it’ll become your lucky ticket.

If you’re playing cards in your dream, it is a dangerous sign. It designates that you can lose a great sum of money in the nearest future. Moreover, you can be also deceived. So, be very attentive. Take the affairs in your company under your supervision. Quite possible that there can be a person/people in your team who intends to make a fortune on the basis of your achievements. People are different. That’s why it is dangerous to trust everyone and his wife. The only person you can rely on is you. It also cautions you against the betrayal of your friend and being full of self-conceit.

Gambling in your dream means that you’ll communicate with hypocrites. Obviously, these people have evil intentions towards you. So, be wide awake and act reasonably. It is the only way to preserve everything you’ve gained. It is possible that you’ll have to deal with these sly people for the sake of your business. All the same, it is better you keep them at arm’s length.

Watching children who are playing some games foretokens a burden of responsibilities that will be laid upon you. Perhaps, in the light of some circumstances you’ll have to take additional care of someone from your family. Don’t be mad. Take this fact with understanding.

Playing chess stands for insufficiently thought-out decision made by you. Be careful because it can drag you down.

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