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Gang - Meaning of Dream

Gang is a great symbol, which means communication, new friends, in rare cases - the danger and fear.

Meeting with a gang in a dream foretells a new friendship that will make you happy. New friends always come to rescue and support you in any even the most difficult and confusing situation.

If a gang attacks you in a dream, this dream foretells hectic life, full of trouble and anxiety.

If members of a gang surround you, it means that it will be difficult for you to deal hard work. If you are talking with a gang, be ready for love disappointment. Most likely, you will lose your lover. To avoid this, you should look closely at your relationship, understand what is missing for complete happiness, and perhaps change something.

If you dreamed of a gang that hold you captive, you should be ready for a series of minor troubles which you can cope with no efforts. If the gang tortured you, you will have a promotion and increase in salary. But it will cost you a lot.

If a gang in a dream laughs at you, it means that you will have an impertinent lover who will cause you a lot of trouble and ultimately will disappear forever from your life.

Dreaming of a gang can also mean danger or risk if in reality you are serving in the military or working in any other law enforcement agencies.

If you fight with a gang and release someone from gangster captivity, this dream foretells you a lot of luck and success in business.

In a dream you see an armed gang – you will be psychologically influenced in a negative way. Not to exclude that somebody will try to cast a spell on you.

If you see yourself as a member of a gang, it means that you will break up with your partner.