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Garage - Meaning of Dream

If you want to interpret a dream about garage, probably you have certain secrets. Perhaps soon, after this dream, you will hide something from others. By the way, chances are that a garage symbolizes government, but you will not be involved in it. This dream also foretells some misdemeanor, which will take place in your life, but no one will know about it. In addition, it is to wait with the publicity, and keep secrets.

The most pragmatic people say that a garage in a dream is a harbinger of a car breakdown. In spite of the modern interpretation of this dream, still it should be noted that automobilist are often right.

The ancient dream books tell us that the garage, especially if it is empty and dark, symbolizes shelter. It says that you are tired mentally and want to hide from everyone. Now is the time you to retire for vacation or a weekend.

If you feel anxious in a dream about garage, it tells that you will need protection. Be ready for help from people you know, close friends or relatives. Bright, clean and unstuffed garage foretell upcoming happiness, or moving in a good apartment. Therefore, it is a very auspicious dream. Generally, garages are rarely seen in a bad context.

If you can’t open the door, it is better to set aside some complicated matters and problems.

If you buy a garage, you are going to purchase something expensive in real life.

A garage full of cars foreshadows the meeting with a person, whose opinion you will cherish. If you see yourself being locked in a garage, the dream book can confidently say that you need to be alone, at least for a while. Within a few days you will be able to recover and become more peaceful and optimistic.

Selling a garage in the dream forebodes that you will receive a pleasant surprise associated with financial reward. This can be a bonus or salary increase. If you build a garage, it tells that you perform somebody else’s job.