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Garlic - Meaning of Dream

Garlic is a symbol of tears. And these tears can be caused by any reasons, even the most insignificant. If such dream is seen by a man, it means disappointments with serious matters.

In some cases, garlic dream can be interpreted as a sign of a disease. However, it doesn’t mean anything serious, but be prepared for injury or colds. The disease can affect either you or your relatives. So you better pay more attention to your health and the condition of your family.

If you dream that you are weeding the garden bed with garlic, it indicates the changing of your ideals. You will not only change the taste, but will also completely change the perception of people’s actions and of many things; and you will see life in a different light.

This dream may signify your position in society, in particular changes in this sphere. And mostly it will be connected rather with your ups than downs. So you can be confident in you endeavors and things you do. Of course, it is more important to have a favorite occupation, than to do something you don’t like; this might destroy your nature.

If you dream of garlic, in particular how you drop seedlings, it is a sign of inevitable serious illnesses and even death. So try to protect yourself and your family from risky behavior and actions in order to prevent this prediction.

If a young and unmarried woman sees garlic in the dream – it means that she will get married very soon. But it is worth saying that this will be a marriage of convenience, and not love-match. If you do not want it happen you shouldn’t rush with hasty conclusions and decisions on the proposal received from your fans. You are unlikely to be happy in life and especially in such marriage.

If you eat garlic in a dream, then be ready for the failures in relationships. It may also herald the family quarrels. If you see a whole bunch of garlic, it means that you will start the fight against the enemies. The outcome of this disagreement will depend only on how wise you are and your correct decisions in a particular situation.

If you smell garlic in your dream, it means that you should be ready for a favorable situation, because of which you will be able to resist tricks from your detractors and deny false gossip.

If you plant garlic in your dream, it means that you are the follower of certain religion, which helps you to resist a negative impact of evil forces. The fight with enemies will end up in victory, if you tie garlic in a bunch.

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