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Gas - Meaning of Dream


All mankind has been trying to understand the mystery of a dream, and why we have some feelings at night. Sometimes, the actions are so realistic that we want to find out its meaning as fast as possible.

Dreams are completely different, and all actions can be differently interpreted.

It happens that a dreamer has not only tactile sensations, but also feel, taste, and smell.

Therefore, it is interesting to interpret such image in a dream as gas. In general, gas is a symbol of uncertainty. The vagueness of the future, which you want to dispel, is the consequence of a dream where you see a cloud of gas.

But it happens that you may also feel the smell of domestic gas. In this case, you are a person, who likes to dream, and gradually loses touch with real life. In other words, it is a signal to return to reality.

As described above, the presence of gas during the dream may be completely different.

If you dream of a gas balloon or a kitchen stove, it means that you have to beware of danger, but it is unknown whether it is small or big.

If you dream that gas cloud covers someone of your close relatives, it's a pretty bad sign. Be ready for illness or death of this person.

Do not be discouraged, because the same dream means also changes. Generally, gas in a dream usually symbolizes something unknown. While interpreting the secret signs of your dream, you should repellent primarily from this fact.

Gas may have a strong smell, or vice versa: you can either see it or feel it. In the first case (strong smell) means that changes (or misfortune) are close. And in the second case (when you only see a cloud of gas) - troubles will pass, you will not feel any harm on you. These are the mysteries, which our subconscious mind shows us trying to protect and prevent.

Dreaming of a gas poisoning for a worker who expects increase in salary or promotion is a sign that he/she needs to hide for a while and not to remind the authorities that he/she was waiting for their decision.

If a housewife dreams that she went somewhere and forgot to turn off iron or gas at home, such dreams represent the fears of the dreamer, rather ordinary and familiar to everyone. Such dreams do not have any additional information and it is enough just to understand the reason of your fear development.

If you see yourself flying in the air or soaring in the atmosphere of gas, it is associated with your rich mental abilities. So, it is better to develop and use it, not to lose it.

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