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Gasoline - Meaning of Dream


If you’re seeing gasoline in your dream, it means that you’d rather be more cautious. Your imprudence can play Old Harry with you soon. Consequently, you can suffer great financial and emotional losses. Be friendly to other people (your colleagues, for instance) but not too much. Some of them are capable of the things you couldn’t even think of. We’ll tell you more, they already think how to turn their plans against you. Be ready to such troubles. If you are an owner of some business, take the administration under your control. You might think that your enterprise was well-developed enough, so you could step a little aside. But now it is time for you to make a leeway. If you know what is happening in the business circles, you’ll be able to solve any problem quicker and more effectively. Also, managing everything yourself will make you confident and calm.

Seeing that you are pouring something with gasoline in your dream is also an unfavorable sign. It suggests that your relations with other people will become worse due to some reasons. If you apprehend this and are sure that you must save these relations, try to improve a current situation. Only decisive actions will help here.

Inflaming gasoline in your dream is not a univocal dream image. Its interpretations even contradict one another. According to the first one, you’ll manage to avoid unpleasant and even dangerous situations in future. If you stay reasonable, calm and determined, soon these troubles will be left behind. The second meaning is totally opposite to the previous one though. It implies that there will be a serious family conflict. Don’t be upset. Think of it differently. It may be a chance to dot your i’s and cross your t’s eventually.

If you aren’t seeing gasoline in your dream but you can smell it, it is a good sign. It indicates that soon you’ll get rid of the concerns, anxieties and doubts which have been torturing you for many years. Perhaps, there’ll be a situation which will prove their groundlessness and vainness. At last, you’ll begin breathing freely.

Fueling a tank is a good sign. It corresponds to prosperity and success in business. Everything will come out without a hitch. Although, you shouldn’t forget a plain rule: if you want to achieve something, you must make considerable efforts.

A gasoline tank that is full of holes or broken foreshadows problems with health and financial hardship. Seeing a damaged tank out of which gasoline is pouring is a signal that you should stay calm in any situation. Behaving recklessly may do even more harm to you and your career.

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