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Gasp - Meaning of Dream

The dreams about gasping or choking have many interpretations; further you can find the most suitable interpretation according to your dream. For each person it will be individual.

There are such periods in life when most sensible action is to wait, and save power because nothing can be done anyways. Now such a period begins in the lives of people who see such dreams. If you are among them you need to treat it philosophically, because the important thing is to stay untouched.

Also a dream about gasping can indicate the situation which is difficult to accept, put up with. In reality a person probably doesn’t think of it, that is why it appears in the dreams.

You may also count on physiological reasons: if a dreamer lies on the back and the tongue sunk into the throat, or on the contrary, face down in the pillow, which prevents from breathing.

To gasp from smoke or die from suffocation, indicates the dependence on someone. Perhaps, this is only a psychological dependence and it can be cured. But if it is more serious, a dreamer should be careful.

Not always choking or gasping is a bad image. Short choking portends a reward for the efforts made by a dreamer to solve some problems. Often suffocation in a dream foretells upcoming serious changes in life. This dream just warns of possible hardships, the period of life when you need to limit yourself in almost everything.

Also this dream says that you experience fear and anxiety. You should carefully consider all the related actions. If someone wants to suffocate you in a dream, you should think why this person has so much power over you. If you choke with some food, you need to look into the dream book again and see the interpretation of certain food, which is the solution. Undoubtedly, if a person is choking, he/she will not experience the best times ever.

But after such a dream, it is worth considering, perhaps it is not too late to change some circumstances in life and the meaning of a dream will not come true. Necessarily, you need to be careful with your behavior after seeing a dream. You should not get involved in any transaction, and meeting with new people should also be limited, especially dating with the opposite sex. Also, avoid dangerous and suspicious places and strange people.

If the choking is so realistic that you even wake up, it tells that in life something prevents you from living a normal life. Perhaps these are the strict conditions of living with parents, if you are unable to afford a separate house, or very strict conditions at work, which you can’t quit because of good wages.

Choking also reflects the inability to express own abilities in real life, such as the inability to tell own secret. Perhaps gasping during a dream does not give you the rights to express any emotion, drowns out all your feelings.

In any case, the fact of such a dream urges you to change the situation and begin to breathe normal.