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Gazelle - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a gazelle that runs in the mountains gazelle, this dream tells that you have overestimated ambitions. For the fulfillment of your dream, no matter how illusory it is, you have to use all strength and skills, and work hard for a long time. Only hard work and total concentration may help you to realize your grandiose plans; especially if you were able to catch a gazelle.

If you dream of a herd of peacefully grazing gazelles, it foretells that soon you will achieve your goals and might calm down. If a girls dreams as if a gazelle fell off a cliff, she has to be ready for unrequited love and suffering. Dead gazelle in a dream is as a symbol of failure and frustration.

If you hunted for a gazelle in a dream, or someone presented it to you, or you bought it, it is interpreted as foreseeable marriage (for a single person) or birth of a child.

If you hold a gazelle in your hands, it means that you will encounter lots of good people and kind actions which they do. If you dream as if a gazelle attacks you, it bodes that your wife will stop obeying you. If you trace a gazelle, it signifies that you are gaining more power from day to day.

Gazelle in a dream represents a moral woman. If someone killed a gazelle, that is a harbinger of upcoming marriage. Some interpret gazelle as the property which will be gained with the help of a woman. If a dreamer shot a gazelle in a dream, it presage sad mood of a beloved woman.

If you dream of a graceful gazelle in the woods, it foreshadows great aesthetic pleasure.

For a man, it forebodes a meeting with the amazingly beautiful woman; and for a young boy, it is an acquaintance with a charming girl.