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Gefreiter - Meaning of Dream

Seeing a gefreiter at a parade-ground denotes that soon you’ll meet a person you haven’t seen for ages. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances it was impossible to do. In the nearest future such an opportunity will be in your hands. Don’t contrive to miss it! Communication with this person will be like a breath of fresh air for you because in spite of a long period of time you haven’t seen one another, you are still soulmates. You’ll feel that you can still trust this person as yourself. There is an ocean of themes you can discuss day and night. Think about the fact how happy this meeting can make you (and necessarily will). Are you sure that you are ready to lose this person again? If not, make something up to prevent it.

At the same time, such a dream can stand for meeting an unfamiliar to you person, but he/she will become special for you soon. If you are single, it can be your future wife/ husband. However, bear in mind that to find your sweetheart is half the battle. Sometimes, it is even harder to hold him/her. To do this, a person must be wise, patient and loving.

If a man has seen that he was a gefreiter in a dream, it suggests that he is not satisfied with his life. In particular, with his job and private sphere (probably, he has some problems with women). If it is really so, don’t delay switching a job. Life is too short to be occupied with something you don’t like, with something that tortures you every minute. To cope with another problem (striking up relations with women), a man should become more confident in himself and free. It is the most frequent problem. When you relax a little and take everything easier, in such a way representatives of opposite sex will see how sweet and sincere you are.

This dream has one more interpretation though. Such a dream can also foreshadow huge success. However, you will have to spend much efforts and time to reach it. When you are satisfied with the results of your hard work, you will have a rest. It will be your, so-called, reward for your pains.