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Geisha - Meaning of Dream

If you see a geisha in a dream, it foretells that all beautiful words of your folks will turn out to be meanness and slander behind your back.

This dream doesn’t just have an erotic tone, but also bear special and unique oriental flavor, symbolizing the desire to move away from the real world. You want to begin a new double life, or even more - your subconscious desire is to start everything all over again. You wish to find yourself away from this place, in a different country and in surrounding of people having their customs and culture. But there are only dreams with the help of which unconscious amuses itself.

Your mind requires returning to earth, it opposes instincts which at any moment can sweep everything what keeps a person within the culture. But there are situations in life when the meaning of life is to change own existence, which before seemed to be quite acceptable.

For men, to be in bed with a geisha in a dream is to lose something in real life.

If you talk to geisha, it portends that you will successfully conduct your affairs.

For a woman, to be a geisha in a dream is to conduct a great bargain.

To see or communicate with her is a prognostic of uncertainty and doubts in reality.

If you see your mother or a daughter being a Geisha, it signifies that your soul will rush between two loved ones, not knowing which of them deserve your preference.