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Gel - Meaning of Dream

Applying hair gel on the head indicates your strive to be different from a person you really are. But you should not forget that people around are quite smart.

If you use gel for shaving, it is a reflection of your desire to have relations with a partner, who will be tempted by attention of others.

A dream about buying hair gel signifies that your expectations for life are too high, you want more than you can afford.

If you use a styling gel, it is a sign that the upcoming trip will be unsuccessful or ineffective.

If a woman sees such a plot in a dream before the eve of meatless day, this dream predicts her a romantic evening in the company of loved one.

Gel in a dream is a symbol of something indefinite. If you have certain plans, you can’t be sure in its realization. In the progress of implementation of the projects, your success will appear, and then fade in turns. In you hold something resembling gel, this is a sign that important matters will slip out of your hands.

The healing gel which you apply is an omen of recovery of the body part where you applied it. If you smell the gel, it symbolizes pleasant surprises. In real life, you’ll get the gift, which you had already forgotten about.

Vanga said that if you rinse gel off your hair, you will have an unsuccessful trip that will bring nothing but fatigue. Gel, in Freud’s dream book, rubbed into the hair symbolizes your reticence. You are afraid to show people your identity and constantly pretend to be not the person you are. If the gel on your hair glistens, then people know your real character and try not to trust you. If your sweetheart observes you applying gel in a dream, soon he/she will avoid meeting with you.