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General - Meaning of Dream


A general in your dream characterizes you as a person according to your moral merits. Especially, it concerns a level of your willpower, which in its turn defines your future success at work.

If you are a general in your dream, it points at your virtues, in particular at your strong willpower, determination and orderliness. Such a dream says that you are able to organize a work of many people properly and be in charge of it. You’ll be very satisfied with the results of your supervision. If you don’t occupy a position with such responsibilities but long for it, don’t hesitate and take decisive actions toward your dream realization. Deep inside you’re confident that you will cope with it, and you are right. Don’t waste your time, demonstrate your talent. Such a dream also betokens you a very responsible and important commission from the authorities. Save your face!

Besides, this dream has an unpleasant meaning. It warns you against serious troubles at work. Somebody infringes upon your position, and nothing can stop him/her from reaching his/her aim. Unfortunately, he/she may be rather successful. That’s why you can be demoted or even fired. To avoid these troubles and ruin your ill-wisher’s plans, you should be attentive and consistent. Don’t give him/her the slightest chance to damage your career and welfare of your family.

Seeing that someone else is rising to the rank of a general denotes that you are an ambitious person. You feel that you possess great potential that is not discovered yet. Do your best to reveal it, and good results won’t keep you waiting.

A general’s attitude to you in your dream can also say a lot about your future. If a general is well-disposed toward you, it betokens that you’ll be successful at work, and you and your family won’t be in need for anything. Maybe, soon you’ll get a promotion, and your salary will be raised. You’ll be able to afford the stuff you couldn’t afford before. Your reputation will be up to the mustard.

If you’re seeing a general on a parade, it means that you’ll be in favor both in your family and amid your colleagues.

Asking a general for something in your dream implies that soon some influential person will help you. You’ll have your patronage. Don’t disappoint him/her and always be ready to pay him/her back with the same coin.

If in your dream you’re seeing a general who is giving orders, this signifies that you’ll manage to solve any problem and overcome any pitfall on your way.

For a spouseless girl/woman seeing a general in her dream forebodes that she’ll be married to a well-to-do man. Financial hardship will be an unknown notion for her.